🐍 Grake: The Grammar Snake Game

Spanish Word Games: Top Games to improve your retention on Grammar, Vocabulary, and Speaking!

May 5, 2024

There are numerous games and techniques that can aid your learning. Here my recommendations.

Grammar Games

ConjuGato on Android or on iOS is a well-designed game that focuses exclusively on grammar, with filters for testing various conjugations and forms.

Alternatively, you can explore a wide array of games on Wordwall. My favorite game is tiempos verbales.

For a more contextual grammar simulation, Grake offers an optimal solution.

Vocabulary Games


Wordle is a simple game whose goal is to find a 5-letter word, great for enhancing your vocabulary on the go.


Blossom is a game that challenges your ability to recall words, featuring letters arranged hexagonally with a central letter that must always be used.


TermTyper forces you to write words and their definitions, featuring a long, constantly improving dictionary and a user-friendly interface.

Flashcard Games

To improve memory and retention of words, I recommend using flashcards with mnemonic devices. Here's how to create effective flashcards for Spanish word memorization:

  • Use a pen and index cards, like these.
  • One side of the card should contain the Spanish word in the context of a sentence, complemented by a sketch. Studies suggest that picture recognition improves with verbal information (Wiseman et al).
  • The other side should have explanations in your native tongue.
  • Play modes:
    • Easy mode: Translate from Spanish to English.
    • Hard mode: Translate from English to Spanish.

For inspiration on designing your cards, see this blog post by La Clase de Ele.

Spanish Fill-In-The-Blank Exercises

These exercises are common and effective for building language awareness. DeleAhora offers a user-friendly platform with various proficiency levels. For easier exercises, Duolingo is highly recommended.

Dialogues and Role-Playing Games

Dialogues and role-playing games simulate real-life communication. To improve your conversational skills, pronunciation, and intonation, try Llanai, available via WhatsApp, which provides a custom curriculum tailored to your learning goals and topics of interest.